IntegraSpec® was created with the input of structural engineers, computer assisted design and more than 75 years of field experience in the residential/commercial concrete forms and general construction industry.

IntegraSpec® insulating concrete form (ICF)/building system was developed to address and eliminate the problems that ICF systems can encounter: blowouts, panel flotation/lift, bulging, wall compression and wavy walls. IntegraSpec® was also designed to dramatically reduce waste, set up/ labour costs and shipping cost.


Design Features

The IntegraSpec® system consists of stay-in-place expanded polystyrene panels which are shipped to site flat in easy to handle bundles, installed in courses and spaced with various sized patented interlocking spacers. The patented panels are bi-directional allowing them to be laid no matter which way they are placed, reducing waste and installation time.

The spacers are available in the following different widths 100mm, 125mm,150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. For increased concrete core thicknesses any two spacers can then be joined using the unique H-Clip. Spacers are designed for fast rebar placement, suitable for a choice of steel sizes and spacing and are easily cut to quickly form openings and provide specific heights. Most importantly spacers provide mechanical interlock to eliminate panel lift.

After rapid wall set up and easy alignment, concrete is poured, resulting in a solid monolithic concrete wall structure, ready for exterior and interior finishes.

The inside of each IntegraSpec® panel has dovetail grooves, which create a mechanical bond with the concrete preventing delamination.

The exterior of each panel has visible 25mm lines marked with the Integraspec logo to clearly indicate fastening strips and also deep grooves for placement of steel U-channel to meet commercial fire codes.

During manufacturing inserts are moulded inside each panel at 200mm centre. These provide reinforcement against panel bulging and also provide a connection point for the spacers.

When forming a wall, the insert of each panel will slot into the insert of the corresponding panel below thereby eliminating panel compression at the joint.

IntegraSpec® cavity closers are fitted on each side of an opening such as a window or door. The cavity closers are designed to slide down the dovetail grooves of Integraspec panels creating a stop for concrete while also preventing thermal bridging between the window/ door frame and concrete. Fastening strips are also moulded into each cavity closer to provide for attachment of frames. The Integraspec headers are then fitted to the top and bottom of each opening to complete the surround insulation of each opening.

The versatility of having an independent panel within the system also allows for the replacement of one of the expanded polystyrene panels with plywood.  This is ideal for areas that require an exposed concrete face, including areas such as lift shafts.

This application is also beneficial when an exposed thermal mass is required. The exposed concrete face can be positioned to maximize solar gain, or can be used in conjunction with alternative heating sources.  In this configuration the maximum K-value can be achieved.

According to Mr Michel Philippe, President, Phil-Insul Corp.

“Insulated concrete has always had the potential to decrease construction costs and time, provide outstanding energy performance, indoor air quality, superior sound, fire resistance and lessen the overall operating/maintenance costs. IntegraSpec® is your best choice of insulating concrete form (ICF) to deliver these benefits.”

IntegraSpec® quality and performance gives builders the edge in delivering a higher end finished product while increasing profits. Many awards have been won recognising the contributions IntegraSpec® has made to the building industry and more specifically to the Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) industry.



Best Heavy Commercial ICF Project Awards and Best Overall ICF Project.

Received for the overall design complexity of Conservatory Pond Retirement Home, including a combination of 150mm and 200mm IntegraSpec® ICF walls, IntegraSpec® cavity closer system, concrete hollow core floors, render/masonry finish and the unique IntegraSpec® Exposed Concrete Face (ECF) for the elevator shafts.

Project: Adanack Cedar Warehouse Project: 4 Storey Apartment Block Project: Grande Caribbean Condo
Location: Tralee, Ireland Location: Killarney, Ireland Location: Orange Beach Alabama
ICF was used because of it’s excellent thermal properties for this cedar drying warehouse, and it being more cost effective than traditional steel and block options. 22 x 2-Bedroom apartments built for rent. 160,000ft apartment block with 101 units.
Features: Features: Features:
– 150mm IntegraSpec Walls – 5.0m openings – 64m³ poured in 2 hours – 200mm IntegraSpec Walls – Fibres and steel reinforcement – Bars used in the concrete – 150mm IntegraSpec walls – Parapet balcony supports – Columns



8 unique panels secured with variable size spacers allow the user to build a super insulated wall with any concrete thickness.Each panel is completely reversable rquiring less effort on site, less waste and offering flexibility to any design.




IntegrasSpec is compatible with most ICF alignment and scaffolding systems. Bracing is not required for walls up 1.2m. Form Floatation, Compression and blowouts are eliminated by patented interlocking systems.


Professional, straight, true walls. Form unit bulging eliminated by the patented panel design. fully insulated wall structure is ready for any exterior or interior finish.

A stronger, more durable better insulated, quicker to build and less costly building to construct than alternative construction methods can provide.


Standard Panel Cavity Closers – Header

Standard Panel with Spacers – End View Web Spacers – Full Range

45 deg. Corner Set  90 deg. Corner Set


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