ICF Benefits

Insulated Concrete Formwork has many benefits over traditional building methods.

The Designer and ICF

Design Flexibility, Variety of Finishes, Compatible to Other Building Systems, Higher Building Performance Standards…. read more


The Developer and ICF

Fast track construction, Reduced labour costs, Less down-time, Immediate follow-on trades, Simple service installation…. read more


The Occupier and ICF

Low Running Costs, Good Acoustic Performance, Healthy Indoor Environment, Fire Resistance, Minimal Flood Damage…. read more


 The Environment and ICF

Superior Energy Performance, High Mass for Thermal Stability, Reduced Waste On Site, Fewer Deliveries Less Traffic, Low Environmental Impact…. read more


Council of Mortgage Lenders

The Valuation Panel of the Council of Mortgage Lenders confirmed that ICF (Insulating Concrete Formwork) construction is acceptable for mortgage purposes as a standard form of construction, subject to provision of valid product certification and monitoring of ICF System providers by the ICFA (Insulating Concrete Formwork Association) of the UK.

We must stress that this statement only applies to ICFA Members.